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Do you want to spark climate action where you work? Sign up as a Hive Initiative Ambassador to join our community and get support while you start your hive.

First: Register

We will add your name to our ambassador list, so that you become part of our community. You will get a special invitation to our Slack communication channel and get notified about events and new resources. There you can share news, ask questions and connect with other participants.

Step Two: Tell your network

Step Two: Tell your network

Make it visible on Linkedin that you are now a Climate Action Ambassador. This shows that we are many who take a stand and encourages others to do the same.

1. Replace your LinkedIn profile background photo. Download


2. Add “Climate Action” to your LinkedIn profile title. Example

3. Announce it on your other favorite social media channels.

If you wish, copy and paste this text:

I’ve joined The Hive Initiative to make climate action part of my everyday work.
Step Three: Start a Hive

Step Three: Start a Hive

Build a Hive in your organisation, a team that initiates climate actions. Contact us through Slack or at [email protected] to get support or download the starter-kit to get going.

You can also check out our full collection of tools.


Open for anyone who wants to take climate action today.

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