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The community and support to help you work on the climate crisis

The community and support to help you work on the climate crisis

The Hive Initiative is a group of people taking climate action now - both in what we create for our jobs and at the place where we work.

We are an independent initiative open to people of any profession. Through our community, we share practices and encourage each other as we take on this crucial work.

What you can do

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Explore the tools

Check out the tools to see how you can take climate action where you work. You can also share your own methods or request what you need.


Become an Ambassador

Participate in our community to get support and inspiration. Share experiences with others who take climate action in their working lives.


Start a Hive

Team up with colleagues and start a Climate Hive at your workplace. By joining forces collectively you will make change happen faster.

No matter where you sit on your office hierarchy, you are influential

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Core values



We are action-focused and we believe in learning by doing. We focus on giving guidance and support, so that each of us is able to initiate change.



To make change happen at scale, we act bottom-up as a community. We share everything openly and we support each other in challenges as well as in victories.



We use data to back up decisions. We combat greenwashing by prioritising actions that make high impact over symbolic ones.


Open for anyone who wants to take climate action today.

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