About the Hive Initiative

About the Hive Initiative

The Hive Initiative is a movement that gives common people the frameworks and support they need to implement climate action in their work.

We are an independent community that spans across companies so that we can openly learn from each other and support one another. We are not-for-profit and structured to maintain independence.

The Core Team

As an organization, The Hive Initiative is currently being managed by a core team consisting of employees across five Norwegian companies: Making Waves, Idean, Eggs, VG Lab and Vipps. This team works together to make decisions for the initiative. As we grow we will adapt core members to maintain balance.

The current core team consists of: Erin Gallup (Making Waves), Idun Aune (Idean), William Chaumeton (Eggs), Nicolas Tonne (VG Lab) and Jimmy Byrum (Vipps).

The Maintenance Team

Work on the website is performed by a maintenance team across companies, overseen by Nicolas Tonne.

The Launch Team

The initiative was launched on October 24, 2019. The following people worked on the launch:

Nicolas Tonne, Erin Gallup, Live Kvelland, André Kennedy, Iselin Kanstad, Maria Bono, Hans-Jakob Brandt and Even Romø.


Open for anyone who wants to take climate action today.

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